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Re: Pump bottles on lotions

Beauty youtuber EmilyNoel83 mentioned pump bottle dispensers as one of her pet peeves in a recent video - when there is a clog so that the product won't come out easily or it sprays out from a bottle unevenly. Someone in her comments called those clogs "lotion boogers" LOL!


I hate it when thick tubes of sunscreen squirt out a dried up lotion booger that never spreads out evenly. I just decluttered a Clinique tube of body chemical sunscreen due to this happening. I've switched to thin watery essence japanese sunscreens for my body.

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Re: Pump bottles on lotions

@Eileen in Va wrote:

I buy most of my lotions online. They have a screw-on cap when they’re shipped and come with the pump on the side. I save the screw-on cap to use when the pump doesn’t work anymore. I then store the bottle upside down so the lotion’s easy to squeeze out. I find I’ve got almost 2 weeks worth of body lotion left in the bottle. That’s too much lotion to throw away! 


@Eileen in Va: I do the same thing! I also turn the bottle upside down for dish liquid, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap...pretty much any bottle. I want to get every single drop!   

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Re: Pump bottles on lotions

@shaggygirl  - I just bought some after reading your post. Can’t wait to try as currently have a few body lotion bottles propped upside down against the wall on my bathroom counter.