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Re: Products that help undereye puffiness

@SilleeMee wrote:

I'm 64 and I noticed as I got older my under eye areas were not as smooth and the skin there was becoming thin and loose which is normal as you age. But since the skin was getting loose, it started to sag a bit and seemed to get puffy more easily especially after indulging in certain salty foods or after crying over a sad movie. 


I started using Retin A under my eyes and also microneedling which might not be for everyone but that works really well for me. I've been doing the microneedling for quite some time and my under eye areas are nice and bags, sags and no puffiness except when I cry or eat too much salt.


@SilleeMee   No microneedling here, but used Retin A right up to bottom lash line for decades...smoothe as baby's tushy. Very little salt does help.

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Re: Products that help undereye puffiness

Thanks All !!  I am definetly trying all of your ideas.


I did lay off the oil & cream under my eyes at night a couple nights ago.   Found an Acure eye serum I had in my stash I am using now.  I do sleep elevated for past dizziness problems, so that is not helping, bummer.  Will try tropicals & cold on eyes & report if I like anything the best.



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Re: Products that help undereye puffiness

@AnnMarie-1     elf cosmetics sells a product called Eye Refresh. It is a rollerball therefore very compact and it can be tossed in a bag for a pick-me-up throughout the day. I also keep one in the refrigerator for those days when I've had a little more salt than usual or a little less sleep than usual. The cost is $4. Another plus is once the container is empty, it can be washed and refilled with a favorite product.


Here's the description:


Brighten and refresh the eye area to help alleviate under eye puffiness and dark circles. Infused with Pomegranate, Rosemary, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Grape, this Eye Refresh hydrates and nourishes the delicate skin around your eyes.



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Re: Products that help undereye puffiness

@Shanus wrote:

***I assume most know the bags are fat pockets/deposits & sometimes hereditary. Anything topical is hit or miss. Sore subject, but the only "cure" is surgery.

I know...


Says Toppers3 as she cringes as she nows looks at herself in the mirror..!! Smiley LOL


My Great-Aunt had this exact same problem, and when she was in her early 60's she had eye surgery for it. 


It did help the appearance of her eyes.


She was so much happier about her appearance, as the puffiness around her upper and lower eye area was really starting to upset her and bother her. 

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Re: Products that help undereye puffiness

I have undereye problems too... And looking as well.  I just  started taking spriulina because I heard this helps with it.   I also read that retinol (tretenoin) helps so I need to go to my derm to see what they say.   At the momenet I use several different ones as I keep hoping to find one that does EVERYTHING!!