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Product/routine reccomendations

Hi everybody,

I want to try wen again, but I am not sure what products to get. I have looked at the chart and watch the qvc shows so I know sweet almond mint is the universal place to start, but I got the infomercial kit a couple years ago and thought my hair was too limp and greasy and didn't hold a style. Now that I watch qvc (not just the old infomercial) I have a wealth of info about what I was probably doing wrong, like not using enough, not rinsing well, etc, but i still would like to try one that I haven't used yet.

Here is a little about my hair:

I have mid-back length hair that I color at the salon about once every ten weeks (I alternate roots and pulling color through)

I wash and blow dry my hair every other day and use a curling iron daily.

My hair is of medium texture, not quite on the fine side, but I tend to have to use volumizing products just because my length weighs it down.

I wanted to try the lavender volumizing spray for sure, and I was thinking of getting the lavender cleansing conditioner and a replenishing treatment mist for re-styling between cleansings. I didn't know, though, if the volumizing spray would be good enough for body and if I should get a more nourishing cc because of the length of my hair. And is the treatment mist the way to go for day after hair?

Thank you everybody for your help!