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I am going to muster up the courage to call Sephora about this tomorrow. I placed 2 large orders (each around $100) back in October when Sephora was having their friends & family sale. I'm ashamed to say one of the boxes I never opened until today. The items were all holiday gifts and foolishly, I didn't think of opening the box to make sure everything shipped correctly. Well tonight when I opened the box and realized that I am missing a Philosophy Gingerbread Man 3 in 1 shower gel from 1 of the orders (I had ordered 4, received 3).

I sent Sephora an email tonight. I will call tomorrow but honestly, the order was shipped in October and I doubt they will believe me.

Has anything like this happened to anyone? I know last year during Sephora's friends & family I ordered an Ojon Tunu hairspray. I received the item shipped in a priority mail box - not shipped in the usual Sephora box and there was hardly any tissue paper / packaging. I thought it was strange as I opened the box and then found that the bottle was a used bottle! I called Sephora right away & they replaced the hairspray. Very strange.

Thanks for listening!