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What is going on with the price points of Philosophy???

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unfortunately, they're going up! steadily.

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They've priced me out. I will only buy at Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls (or sometimes Nordstrom when they have great deals during the holidays).

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Luckily they have great sales quite a bit. It really helps!

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I agree....I am canceling all of my AutoDelivery sets...have too much of a stash and if I need an item there are better offers on free shipping offers and free samples.... And the Qs ridiculous shipping erases most of the ""savings""
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Maybe I am the only QVC customer who is not a Philosophy fan but I don't think their products are worth the $$$. Additionally, I can't stand the smell. I worked with someone who wore it and everyone in the office complained. Also have a cousin and friend who wear different Philosophy fragrances and I avoid being near them. We've even had some complaints with church members about people with too strong a lotion or perfume and often times when they mention what they are wearing it is a Philosophy product.

It is hard to understand the popularity - IMHO there are much better choices out there.

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Quality down; prices up. I think the 16 oz. shower gels are now $17. I'll use what I have and am not buying more unless I know I really like the scent and there is a sale.

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Yes, they've been on the rise for sometime and keep going up. Prices direct from their site or QVC (plus QVC S/H) make it easy to pass on buying from Phil or here.

The only time I have bought Phil products recently was because I found them at either TJ Maxx or Marshall's and heavily discounted too.

I still like some of the Phil products but on sale or discounted Phil products I like even better!