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Curious in that I had a similar problem.  I ordered Plexiderm.   The item was shipped, but it got “lost” at the post office - still sitting at my post office, somewhere.  No problem.  QVC gave me a refund.  I put in a second order, it shipped (from California), arrived at my post office, and again, it is sitting at my post office.  I am waiting and will no doubt end up calling QVC next week, asking for a refund.  Maybe someone at my post office craves Plexiderm.  I can count on one hand the number of times the post office has lost packages over 15 plus years.  Twice for the same product is just odd!  

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I received the product, and like others was excited.  I have bags under my eyes and I was tired of staring at them.  This is my 4th day using the product.  When I leave the house they look better, not erased.  By the time I get to work, they are back.  My commute is an hour.

The package says to use an amount equal to half a pea.  They must have very large peas where they live as that approach did not work.

Will be sending the product back.  Too much money for an hour of working.

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IMHO, this product and a similar one by PTR, pulls the very thin, sensitive skin under the eye. It has to pull to tighten which in time will result in more wrinkling.