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Been watching off and on but am on the fence about this product.  It looks interesting but a lot of $$$ to spend if it doesn't work.

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Read all the reviews.......also you can read a lot of reviews on Goggle, Amazon and YouTube.
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@KKJ wrote:

Been watching off and on but am on the fence about this product.  It looks interesting but a lot of $$$ to spend if it doesn't work.

It doesn't 'work' is -at best- a temporary fix- that disappears when you move your face.

'Google' the product'll find all the reviews you'll neeed. Just smoke and mirrors from the beauty industry,,,,who laugh all the way to the bank.


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Will check and read reviews. Wondering if it's like that Genie product I bought years ago. That was a big disappointment.

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If it sounds too good to be true, then it isnt true!!

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The comments that I found interesting was .....WHEN....the vendor was long does it last....


Then she lasts a long time but when you move your face, it softens.....etc...


SO that was their way of saying....


Lasts a short period of time......


SO if I keep my face STILL...don't talk, don't chew gum, don't might last a long time..


ha ha

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It works great for me under the eyes.  My Mother has large bags under her eyes and creases on her forhead...takes them away.


The secret is to apply on a clean face.  Follow directions carefully.  Don't use too much, and don't move your face for 10 minutes while it is drying.  


One reason why it doesn't work for some is because they apply too much...then it will turn white. 


It lasts about 10-12 hours on me...even after working in the yard for several hours on warm days.  Yes, I use my facial muscles.


It doesn't work well with water based makeup as suggested by Plexaderm. 


I didn't believe the hype either, the results on the models they use, but it works exactly like that.  I can't say how it works on jowls.  


No, I am not being paid to say this.  


If it doesn't work for you, return it for a refund.  



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They took the reviews down, of course, because the reviews were awful. Two star average. HSN sold the same thing and you should be able to read a review there. 

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I wasn't interested in the first place, but what sealed the deal for me was when I found out that they had to re-do their first commercial because of false and misleading claims.  You'll notice that "Annette" now clearly states that she's an actress, and they're much more careful about what they say.


From what I understand, they were issued a warning and had to make corrections and clarifications on at least two subsequent commercials.  I think the beauty industry is a lot of smoke and mirrors to begin with, but most companies know how to get close to the line without actually crossing it.   This company did not, and I wouldn't put an ounce of trust in anything they say.



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they say you will not need foundation after using, but they fail to say that some of us need

it to cover age spots  and uneven skin color..