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Please help me choose a concealer

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Full disclosure: I'm not a makeup gal.  Skin care, sun block, eyebrows out of necessity, eyeliner and mascara.  Maybe a light powder and blush.  I'm not one to spackle, prime, conceal, contour and Beauty Blender - there's just no time and I don't enjoy doing it.


BUT I saw myself via a recorded town council public hearing, sitting in the public seating area, and was appalled by my undereye circles.  I want to add concealer to my eye makeup now.  Some more info:


  • They're not bags or skin discoloration, it's shadows caused by my face structure, deep set eyes and gravity
  • I'm 65 and have dry skin that has gotten very thin there
  • Is there something creamy but that won't get caught in creases as the day wears on?
  • I have very sensitive, dry eyes.


Thank you beauty experts for reading my post.  ♥

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

My favorite drugstore concealer is Maybelline Instant Rewind in Neutralizer and for high end, I am loving Natasha Denona! Both have worked for me and my sensitive eyes.

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

I second the Maybelline Instant Rewind but in a shade called Brightener. That one is perfect for shadows and not necessarily just for concealing, although it does a terrific job of doing that also. Check them both out. Usually sells for less than $9 and it has tons of 5-star reviews anywhere it's sold.


maybelline age rewind concealer in brightener and neutralizer. Use  brightener f… | Maybelline age rewind concealer, Concealer for dark  circles, Age rewind concealer

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

There are thousands of different concealers from drug store to high end.

I'd start at the drug store with  Maybelline.

There is no one brand to suit all. 

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

@Shanus  I think she can help. 👍🏻

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

There are many good ones out there. The newest one from IT Cosmetics is the one I'm really liking now.

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer



I am the same age as you.  Before the pandemic when I went to the office 5 days a week, I wore makeup everyday. Full face. Then slowly but surely, working from home then retireing, I stopped wearing makeup altogether. Thought I wasn't too bad looking. A few weeks ago I got my driver's license picture taken. Same as you, I was appalled and also felt very down on myself.  Bought new makeup and use it almost every day.  I keep it simple and neutral.  Anyway, I am really liking IT Cosmetics concealer, the kind that sort of looks like it's in a glass test tube.  Spot concealer it's called I think, but I mainly use it under my eyes.  A little dab will do ya. Good luck with your search!




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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

tarte Super-Size Shape Tape Concealer with Sponge


I use the Tarte Shape Tape concealer.  It is moisturizing and doesn't settle into fine lines.  It is a bit expensive but the large bottle pictured lasted me six months.

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

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I suggest going to Sephora, Ulta or a department store so that you can have a makeup person help you find the concealer.   They can find a concealer that will match the color of your skin.

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Re: Please help me choose a concealer

I have the same problem.  The Westmore Beauty Magic Shadow Eraser is good for shadows.  I've spent a small fortune on concealers recently and haven't found anything that completely covers the shadows from deep set eyes and hollows. 


Most of the experts I have watched say that you need a color corrector and a concealer.  The Huda Beauty and Fenty concealers have really good coverage.  The Becca Undereye Brightener is also very good.  All the YouTubers say that the secret to not creasing is to set with a setting powder. 


I still don't have the application technique down and everything looks covered when I'm at my makeup mirror but when move into direct sunlight the shadows from my eye structure are still apparent.  I'm ready to give up.  I think that my problem is technique-not the products I've been using.  I hope someone here can give you some good tips that I can also use.  Thank you for asking this question.