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I think they must be trying to catch the eye of the younger market!  I don't blame them in a way really since the cosmetic industry must be a really difficult market.  I mean, there are just hundreds and hundreds of brands to choose from.  With so many stars and people who are influencers, or whatever you want to call them, on the internet, either putting out their own lines or touting certain brands, I imagine companies are trying whatever they can to make their lines and products eye-catching to the younger crowd!


I have used quite a few products of PF.  What drew me to this company was that they were supposed to be physican endorsed and simple products with simple ingredients, which my sensitive skin would be able to take.  However, they do seem to be veering off this and I don't think this is a good thing.  There are tons of brands which have fragrance and ingredients which sensitive skinned people just can't tolerate.  Why not stick to their original premise??? 


Well, it's all about making money I guess!   

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I went through any number of bottles of The Healthy Foundation and now it is next to impossible to find. I thought it was a good dupe for the La Mer Foundation.

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