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So far I tried Living Grace, Amazing Grace and Fresh Cream and love them all. Does anyone have any scent recommendations worth trying? Anything milder than Fresh Cream? I doubt that there is. Is Pure grace Mild?

I am looking for a good light scent that will work well in an office. I want to wear perfume that will not annoy co-workers if you know what I mean. Should i try one of the above in one of those spritzers ( or what ever its called)

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Pure grace is my favorite....a light, clean scent...think ivory soap and water.
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I also love Pure Grace - and it does smell just like Ivory soap. My favorite is Amazing Grace. I wear it every day, and surprisingly enough, I have found the spritz to be the longest lasting format! The spritz isn't "stronger" of course, but for some reason it lasts the longest on me, and I've been wearing AG for YEARS. The only one I really don't care for is Falling in Love. It smells like cotton candy - too sweet and extremely cloying.
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Another vote for pure Grace. Also, I really like Summer Grace. You can try out Pure Grace at your regular stores....Summer Grace I think is only on Q right now.

For an office, you can't go wrong with Pure Grace. Not a fan of any of the Loves either.

I love the Pure Grace spritz because I can spray my hair and clothes with it. I don't feel I can do that with regular EDT and the oil spray has to be rubbed in and is slippery on the floor.

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I like the spritz also. Currently using amazing grace. Today there's a gift with purchase ($122 value) on the philosophy site with a $75 purchase. Great deal. Code is on the site.
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Amazing grace for the fresh scent. I dont order from QVC, I found ordering from Philosophy website they offer freebies and specials on products and its free S/H after a certain dollar amount !

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Wow I posted an item number and my post got poofed Smiley Sad

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Pure Grace is the mildest one in my opinion. It smells like soap and water clean. I just bought the new Sea of Love today. I love it. It smells like an ocean breeze.
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The only philosophy item I still buy after all these years is pure grace spritz.

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All of the Philosophy fragrances are light by comparison to other brands. Pure Grace is the softest. Amazing Grace remains my favorite, but Living Grace is growing on me.

This isn't a knock against the scents because I still like them, however I have noticed that the present versions of Philosophy scents in eau de parfum (EDP), eau de toilette (EDT), and the Spritz don't have as long a shelf life as they used to have. If you only rotate one or two fragrances this won't be a problem. If you do there could be a significant loss of scent in just a few months. For me it just means staying away from the supersize and sticking with the one or two ounce bottles. I recently had to toss nearly half of two 4 ounce bottles of EDP which had lost their scent. I'm storing my perfumes in the same way I have all my life, so in that regard nothing has changed other than Philosophy's parent company (and perhaps their manufacturing).