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@LynnE wrote:

I actually tried the MAsam Vino Gold but couldn't handle the fragrance and had to send it back.  Very sensitive skin so I try and stick to unscented as much as possible but thank you anyway!

See, that's what I mean.  Everyone is different and needs to do their own research, trial and error, to see what works for them. You statement here pretty much affirmed my first reply.  You never mentioned having sensitive skin in your OP.  

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I'm one that has done well with Philosophy over the years, right now I use the Miracle Worker line.  I have no allergy problems with any products except very strong retinols. 

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Re: Philosophy or Isomers?

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@LynnE wrote:

I have been using Isomers serums and basically any moisturizer I have (trying to use them up) but want to stick with one brand to, hopefully cut costs and consolidate my routine to something more simple.  I'm 61 years old, have dry skin, some sagging, some wrinkles.  Which line would you say would help me the most?  Thanks ladies!


This is a great idea @RapLynn, to stick with one brand! Of course it has to be the one that is doing an optimal benefit job for you.

I can not comment on Philosophy. I did not use it and highly doubt I ever will, because I found my HG in skin care already, and I am 100% Isomers user.


When it comes to the price, I DO NOT think it is expensive for the quality and results it produces, especially overtime, especially when your utilize their cleansers and some exfoliating products to keep your skin fresh to receive the best advantage of their serums and creams.


Okay, costs - price. With TTV sets and single products on special sales, the cost is very affordable, especially considering products quality and the fact, that you can use only small amounts of products - they still very effective. As long as your skin is properly cleansed.


Here is the tricky part - Isomers has several lines within itself, and even though they all are good, still there those that work the BEST for YOU.


When you get this down, it becomes EASY! You can focus on buying only these items you love, when they are on special price and TTV, and stock up a little then.


Manuela comes to sell on air quite often, so her special deals never run out! The Holidays are coming and with them - many special pricing, including Evine coupons floating around on Internet or coming into your e-mail box.


Good luck with your quest! I vote for Isomers, of course!

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I too use both Isomers and Skinn.  Only you can decide which products are best for your skin and what results you hope to achieve.  Both of these lines have amazing ingredient decks and both lines do not test on animals if that matters to you.  If I were trying to decide right now, I'd probably buy one of Isomer's discovery kits and try it out for 30 days and see how it works for you.  Just a suggestion.  Let us know what you choose and how it works for you.