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Philosophy fragrance price increase, is it just me?

Hello everybody! Yesterday I went window shopping for mother's day and knowing that my mother loves Baby Grace I checked it out again at Sephora and saw that the 2 oz was $42. Whoa!!! My favorite fragrance of all time is Pure Grace (it is my signature fragrance) and I don't remember paying more than $35 plus tax on the 2oz. Is it just me? I also love Baby Grace and Unconditional Love and bought amazing grace to use ocasionally. Philosophy prices kept me as a customer since they allowed me to try more fragrances and products like the shower creams and lotions. They started the "trend" on softer, not headache provoking fragrances, but the other companies took notice. Now with this price increase I don't know if I will come back. Their products smell good, but the fragrance is not long lasting as other companies, I chose to reapply during the day and never complained or try the others just because I thought the price was reasonable. Until I decide if I will stay or go I'm searching for a new fragrance. I bought two shower gels and souffles from a competitor to try and see... Are price increases a new trend for philosophy? If the vit c powder and microdelivery peel go up I don't know what I'll do...I love those too and think they are expensive enough.