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Re: Philosophy exfoliating cleanser loses its grit....

@Trixx wrote:

I have used Micro-Delivery Wash for many years and never experienced this problem of the exfoliant settling, or a bottle not containing enough exfoliant, until a year ago.  The last 32oz bottle I bought was a disappointment.  Despite shaking before each use very little exfoliant would come out of the bottle.  OK, I thought perhaps Coty was cutting corners on the super size, so I went to Ulta and bought a small bottle.  The smaller bottle was a little better, but nothing like the Micro-Delivery Wash I had come to love and use daily.  


I've been trying to fall for something else which I can use daily to replace Micro-Delivery Wash.  So far, Tatcha's Rice Enzyme Powder and Josie Maran's Exfoliating Cleansing Powder have impressed me, but I don't like either as well as Micro-Delivery Wash.    

Probably because they switched from using plastic beads to exfoliate to DE. The plastic beads never disintegrate (hence the environmental problem) but I would think perhaps the DE might disintegrate over time or not feel as "gritty"?

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Re: Philosophy exfoliating cleanser loses its grit....



Thank you so much for starting this thread!  I have a bottle that has done the same thing and no matter how hard I shake it, I can't seem to get any of the "scrub" to come out with the cleanser.  This is the first bottle I have ever had this happen to-I have been on auto delivery for the microderm abrasion cleanser and purity in the 32 ounce bottles for years.  I have even had to store them for awhile as I "got ahead" in deliveries before figuring out I could delay shipments.  Never had the product separate in all that time.  If the next shipment comes the same way, I am going to cancel my auto delivery and just go on AD for purity alone.  Thanks to you and everyone who has experienced the same and commented for helping me feel a little less crazy as well!


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Re: Philosophy exfoliating cleanser loses its grit....

@franr wrote:

Hi I also noticed the same thing.  I tried Dr. Denese's Exfoliation Duo item number A27808 and I love how it works, plus the smell is really nice.  And there is some grit to it but it isn't harse at all and you skin feels so smooth after using it.

This  is the wr ong item number. This number show sneakers.

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Re: Philosophy exfoliating cleanser loses its grit....

JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

This isn't the first time I've read about this happening.  I imagine that as the bottle sits, the scrubby particles sink to the bottom of the bottle and are dispensed at a higher concentration when the bottle is new.  As time goes by, there are less and less of the scrubbies and you still have cleanser left.  It would be a pain, but I'm guessing a vigorous shaking prior to each use would keep the particles more evenly disbursed.  I doubt many people want to do that, though, especially with the supersized bottles.

Shaking doesn't help.  I'm pretty strong and can shake that 32ounce bottle like moracas.  

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Re: Philosophy exfoliating cleanser loses its grit....

What horrible customer service. I