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Philosophy -- Pads? Peels? Washes? -- Oh My!

Why am I getting so confused between Philosophy's choices in Pads, Peels, or Washes??? Yikes!

.. Me <--- early onset Alzheimer's (which doesn't make these "Philosophy" choices any easier)

By the time I finish reading the end of the Philosophy Pad/Peel/Wash product title, I've forgotten what was in the beginning of the product title!

Okay... now what are these new .. "Philosophy Miraculous Anti-Aging A.M. Treatment Pads???" (The box in the picture says "Miracle Worker") I thought "Philosophy Miracle Worker pads" were retinoids used in the P.M????

And what about these "Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Pads?" Where are they sandwiched in the regimen (if they are indeed yet another kind of pad)?? I don't remember them from before.

And are these in addition to the "Philosophy 2 step Vitamin C MicroDelivery Peel," or the "Philosophy Oxygen Peel???"

I use the "Philosophy MicroDelivery Wash" and I'm rather sure it's different then from those above, 'cause .. 1) it says "WASH" on the bottle, and ... 2) I get it in a Gigantic bottle so it's awhile between cracking open a new gigantic bottle, and when I'm again perplexed by all the "peel/pad/wash" choices again.

Before all this, I used to use Philosophy tubes called something like "Philosophy Great Mystery - One Minute Daily Facial" or "Philosophy One Minute Purifying Enzyme Peel" or "Philosophy "The Greatest Love - Hydrating MicroDerm Scrub." I think one of these particular products was renamed with another product name, 'cause it was tricky hunting down the "renamed product" on ebay.

I liked whichever above tubed product(s), but I guess I didnt use it fast enough to follow along with the additional product name change, so I gave up, until this massive bottle of Philosophy MicroDelivery Wash came along ... (thank God it lasts me awhile- a lot longer than the tubes).

Has anyone untangled the current, above Philosophy Pad/Peel/Wash product choices? TIA