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Philosophy Auto Delivery Help !!!!!


I hope this isn't too confusing.
I will try to explain my problem the best I can so that
someone on these boards may be able to help me.

I have several Philosophy Auto Deliveries...............
Some Skin Care, Some Bath & Body......
ALL of my Auto Deliveries were TSV's........

Last year, I was able to extend ALL of my Auto Deliveries to 360 Days.
I THINK this was a Mistake on's part as I have NEVER seen a 360 day
I went ahead and changed all of my delivery dates on ALL of my orders anyway
as I knew that I could always ask for a delivery to arrive sooner than the 360 days
if I wanted to.

My concern right now are 2 Auto Deliveries of my 2 Bath and Body TSV's....

The first one I purchased is called:
SUPER SIZED Head-To-Toe Trio....ITEM Number A210729

32 oz Pure Grace Shower Cream and Body Lotion and a 16 oz Spritz.......
The last one I received was last year and the next delivery is expected to
ship on Feb 7th.......(changed by QVC from Feb 01)

Last year, I heard that Philosophy was discontinuing the SPRITZ that is included in this particular TSV....

THEN..............((Can't remember how long after))

Philosophy had ANOTHER TSV...............
NAMED: GRACE or LOVE Head-To-Toe Trio.... ITEM Number A219239.....
((Seriously, they couldn't have come up with another name a LITTLE Less Similar than the 1st ??))
32 oz Shower Cream and Body Lotion and a 4 oz Fragrance INSTEAD
of the 16 oz SPRITZ.

When I heard the NAME of the TSV, practically the same
name as the 1st TSV, and SAW what was included in that TSV,
I ORDERED that on Auto Delivery Also, just in case QVC cancelled the TSV
that included the Spritz.

So NOW, I have 2 TSVs that are almost exactly the same.

I really did not mind that as again, I was able to change them BOTH to
once per year, 360 day deliveries.
I would get a get a TOTAL of 2 Shower Creams, 2 Lotions, One Spritz
and One Large 4 oz Fragrance during the 360 days.

Now, here come my problems that I need help with..........
((Oh, before I forget, BOTH of these TSVs are NOT only for two years,
they are Both the "Forever" kind....
I did check that already with QVC Customer Service.))

The first is that the TSV with the Spritz was ALREADY extended by QVC
to ship a week later than it was supposed to.
So, I guess I will have to see if THAT ever gets shipped or if the Spritz
is going to be discontinued and THAT TSV will be cancelled by QVC.......
Has anyone gotten their TSV with the Spritz lately ????
This one is not that big of a deal to me as if the Spritz is discontinued,
I still have the TSV with the fragrance.

The next problem is the TSV with the fragrance included........
Originally, as I said already, I was able to change the delivery date to 360 days.
The date on the next delivery was marked January of 2012.
In November of 2011, thinking of Christmas Gifts, knowing that my
Niece LOVES Amazing Grace, I thought I would send her my next delivery.
I called Customer Service and told them that I wanted to change the fragrance from
Pure Grace to Amazing Grace and send my niece the next delivery.
I needed that delivery to be BEFORE the next delivery date, BY Christmas.
Customer Service said that I could not do that as they were having a problem changing the date.
So, I said, ......If you change the 360 day to 120 day, that would make the delivery
in November and not January......
((At that time, at the end of October, on the drop down, there were STILL several delivery day options.........))
As I was waiting, on HOLD, for QVC's answer, I WAS ABLE to do that myself and
the delivery date for the next shipment changed to November.
When Customer Service came back to the telephone, I told them I was able to get the date to change.
Then, QVC changed the fragrance to Amazing Grace and changed the ship address for me..
....My Niece DID get her Christmas Gift before Christmas.........

Since THEN, I have had all kinds of problems with this Auto Delivery.

I was able to change the Fragrance back to Pure Grace from the Amazing Grace
and made sure that the next delivery would come to me, not my Niece
in Florida........(I'm in NJ)

Since the 360 day was changed to 120 days, the next delivery for this is March 9th,
1 month later than the TSV with the Spritz.

When I go into my Order Status for all of my Auto Deliveries....
The NOVEMBER Shipment that was sent to my Niece, STILL SHOWS IN PROCESS !!!!!!!
When I click on VIEW/EDIT Plan, THAT is where it shows that the order was shipped
in November and under that are the next future ship dates....
AND at least 10 FUTURE dates listed every 120 days.....

The NEXT thing is .....I CANNOT change the ship dates back to the original
360 days........
On the drop down, there is ONLY ONE OPTION.....120 days.....
Normally, there would be 60, 90, 120 and AT LEAST 180 days......
On this one, again, there is now only the 120 day option......
AND no Calender either.........

Yesterday, I called Customer Service again to see if they could AT LEAST change it to 180 days and they found the same as I did, only the 120 day option......

Does anyone else have this TSV,
Grace or Love Head-To-Toe Trio Item Number A219239 ???
Is it possible for someone to go into their order status for Auto Deliveries
and SEE if YOURS says the same as mine does ???
ONLY 120 days on the drop down, NO Calendar and at least 10 Future Delivery Dates?????

Considering that my November order that actually got shipped BUT still
shows in Process... I am just wondering If it is just MY order that is messed up.

I know that some will say call Customer Service BUT I already tried THAT
a few times and they cannot help......

THANKS a Bunch....Kiss