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Re: Perricone - Another New Product

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When they say it's taken from outside air for your skin to take in, that's simple Hyaluronic Acid or Sodium Hyaluronate. 'Cloud' my butt lol this is like something new? I now see this HA cloud, puff, cushion whatever it seems to be all over now LOL

It's in many many serums and one can buy this cheap.

IMHO there is nothing special about this and BTW, HA is not so good for skin long term and purely HA (as in 1st on the list).

Read up..I heard of this years ago and now just use a serum with it in it but not pure HA

Isn't it also the understanding that in some climates, like dry Arizona, they cannot/should not use HA in skincare? I think wackers can attest to this. 

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Re: Perricone - Another New Product

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Received another email from Perricone's website. Here is the additional products that go with this new cream. Hope QVC makes this available.


Hydrating System.png

Introducing an intensely hydrating, luxuriously lightweight regimen to help you go beyond radiance to achieve skin that looks and feels truly healthy. Powered by Hydrogen, the smallest molecule in the universe, H2 Energy Complex™ rapidly penetrates the surface layers of the skin with a boost of hydrating vitality so that your skin looks re-energized and radiant.


What It Is

Switch on your skin’s natural cellular energy with Perricone MD’s proprietary H2 Energy Complex™ to experience visible rejuvenation, advanced hydration and radiant-looking skin. A complete regimen for re-energized, hydrated, and visibly radiant skin. Collection includes:


Hydrating Cloud Cream - 1.7 fl oz

An airy, cloud-like cream that delivers a fresh, hydrating sensation while providing the deep comfort of a rich moisturizer.


Hydrating Booster Serum - 1 fl oz

An intense, hydrating treatment to plump and smooth dry, dehydrated skin.


De-Puffing Eye Gel - 0.5 fl oz

A cooling, soothing eye gel that de-puffs and hydrates the sensitive eye area.


Firming Foam Mastk - 3.3 fl oz 

A lightweight mask that foams on contact to instantly energize and firm skin with a cooling sensation.


What It Does

Leaves skin looking and feeling energized and renewed.

Soothes and hydrates stressed skin.

Lightweight formulas provide immediate, soothing hydration.

Fragrance-free, gentle enough for all skin types.


What To Expect

Texture - Varies

Consistency - Lightweight

Scent - unscented, fragrance-free



Price - $259 now; reguarly $305