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Actually, the best part of her presentations is how she teaches us to smooth the product on, instead of pat-press.


You might be able to pat-press around the eyes, especially to reduce eye bags, as well as for other reasons. But I have to hand it to Dana with her method of application.

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I only watched the initial presentation at midnight and I think they applied the cream to  the same side of the  grey haired ladies about 4 different times throughout the layer on top of another..  They probably did this for each of the other Perricone shows as well and sadly it didn't look different than the other side and I even got up close to the TV.   I laughed to myself,  and was thinking that  4 continuous applications in a one hour show should have made a  miraculous difference.  Add to the fact that at that rate you would have to order one tube every month and for that price it should come with a guarantee that I will end up with skin like my grandchild.