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Re: Permanent Makeup

From what I've seen on people with permanent makeup is that over time it fades and when it fades it changes color...and some colors look unnaturally strange to me.

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Re: Permanent Makeup

Just for interest.  I just had an MRI, and of course had to answer a list of questions.  Included were “Do you have any tattos?  Do you have any permanent make-up?  No to both.

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Re: Permanent Makeup

I had microblading done on my brows.  Being a cancer survivor I lost all of my hair, brows and lashes during chemotherapy.   I am blessed to have my pretty hair back and lashes but the brows never returned.  Best thing I ever did for myself was my brows.  They look real and they look perfect.  I am not much of a makeup wearer so I can just moisturize and go!   I had them done a year ago now and have had one touch up which I will do on a yearly basis.  Yes they will fade but extremely slowly so that's why you need the touch ups.  I'll add I've been told by many I have very pretty eyes, I think it's the brows that make them pop!

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Re: Permanent Makeup

@Rockinista wrote:

@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

Not for me.


It may look great when you’re young and everything is smooth, tight, flushed with color, and lifted, but eventually things start shifting and you loose some natural color, so the tattooed makeup looks dark and harsh. 

I'm not young, I'm over 65. The two women I spoke with are younger, one in their forties and the other mid fifties I'd say.   I would think a good and experienced esthetician would certainly take age into account when creating brows and eyeliner.
This just seems so convenient and I also live in S. Florida where you can literally sweat off your makeup in no time flat during most of the year. 

@Rockinista Mine discussed colors with me.  I loved the black with a blue tint she had.  There are gray choices for softness. 


Beware, if you use shadow on your lids, you'll cover the tatoo.

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Re: Permanent Makeup

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I workout w/ an older lady with permanent eyebrows (not microblading).

They are dark but have a blue tint.

Basically, she has blue eyebrows.

She also tons of $$$$, living in fancy part of DFW, tall,

super pretty, fit but...she’s saddled with blue eyebrows. 


I’m sure it seemed like a good idea 10-15yrs ago.


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Re: Permanent Makeup

I would NEVER get permanent makeup.  There may be a day that you want to change the color of the eyeliner or you don't want eyeliner. No, No, No. and no medical reasons too.