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Re: Perlier on HSN

I love Perlier.  It's my favorite bath and Body brand.  Some products have a strong detectable scent, but most are fairly subtle and there will be a hint of the fragrance on the underwear and colthes you wore that day.  For that reason I love using Perlier body cream before going to bed, so that my sheets and pillows will take on the scent of the cream between washings. I've used the "original" honey since first seeing it at the former Marshall Field's back in the late 1970s.  When Perlier came to QVCin the 1990s it was a hit with me because it opened up the door to scents and sizes, and prices, I could not get at Fields.  After moving to HSN Perlier really raised their bar, introducing more new scents, and offering even bigger configurations of sets and sizes of products.  As previously noted some scents are only available once a year or one time period due to a being able to harvest a key ingredient. 


My favorite is still original Honey, but also on my Perlier favorites list are: Golden Almond, Imperial Honey, Snow Drops, Argrumarium (an Italian citrus blend). The list of Perlier scents I've tried is long and to be honest how the scents appeal to me is the only way I can separate them because they all perform exceptionally well. 


TJ Maxx and Marshalls used to be able to get much more Perlier inventory, but they are no longer a viable alternative source for the products. Their buyers seem to have lost the connection to Perlier products.  They still get lots of Philosophy (sometimes Philosophy's name is removed from the labels, but we know the packaging). 

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Re: Perlier on HSN

White Almond is my favorite....hands down.

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Re: Perlier on HSN

I miss their Lavender EDT.Heart That was my favorite lavender scent of all time. Used it on my pillows at night. Just a tiny bit and it smelled so good.

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Re: Perlier on HSN

@mare54 wrote:

Thoughts on this product. Thank you. 

Hi @mare54  - I love the Golden Almond line. I have the shower gel, body balm, hand cream and perfume. Heart


I have been hesitant to try any new scents in body creams because I have two body butters in Honey Biscotti and they smell very heavily of the plastic container! Smiley Sad