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I've used the Perlier bath and body products since the early 80's. Staple in my home. 

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For years, the Perlier Honey used to be at Marshalls all the time and that's how I purcahsed it.  I haven't purchased the honey from HSN but have purchased some of the shea butters and like them a lot.

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I am a fan and generally tend to pick up one item per visit.  I picked up their 5 piece. Caribbean Vanilla BB set. The pricing was excellent on the items offered during the shows.


I  was even able to utilize a 17% off coupon that HSN had sent out to me.

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I remember when Skip and his mother were on QVC.  I thought they were husband and wife.


Over the years I've purchased many of their specials.  I liked their body butters.  I'm fickle when it comes to this kind of stuff. I replaced Perlier with Korres, then unto the Goat Boys on Evine.  I've also been into Bath & Bodyworks, The Body Shop, L'Occitane and Crabtree & Evelyn.  Get the picture?  Despite the fact I've given a lot as gifts, taken it to nursing homes (they use it as prizes when they play BINGO) I still have scads of tubes and jars. 

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The Caribbean vanilla is wonderful. I have two of the rollerball scents; the plain and the one with coffee.

I've used their shower gels which are good and I recently bought a few of the hydrazone moisturizers. I gave two away and kept one for myself and I like it

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I prefer Perlier lotions to any other brand. I love a good lotion keeps my hands & feet soft & moisturized. I gave my daughter in law the 16.9oz lavender hand cream for Christmas & my daughter got the White Almond. I just finished a honey & will go with the White Almond next. I also have the Caribbean Vanilla Whipped Body Butter Set & they smell so good. Their lotions just work better than any other brand for me.

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Have been using Perlier Hand Creams, Shower Creams and Body Creams for years and love them. I am also a big fan of Josie. In years past, they had some great scents which they have retired. Not sure why. This year they did bring back Banana Velour in a smaller size. They claim that it is too expensive to make on a regular basis. I do love watching he and Amanda. In fact, I am Facebook friends with Skip and he has a beautiful family. They are very generous with their time and money. His wife Katie travels to Africa helping the underprivileged. My skin is dry and Philosophy does nothing for my dry skin. I much prefer Perlier and Josie over Philosophy. However, everyone has their likes an dislikes and that is what makes us all unique.

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I use a lot of Perlier and it's my favorite brand sold on HSN. I love their honey line, Royal Elixir, Black Rice and Hydrozone. I am a firm believer in rotating product lines. For example, last month I used Philosophy on my face, this month Perlier Hydrozone. As for body lotions, I love Perlier Anti-age Balm. I notice a difference in my skin when I stop using it. I also love Josie Maran's body butters and Philosophy. I think Josie's body butters have the greatest hydration. Oh, and Perlier's Shea butter hand cream is my absolute favorite hand cream during the winter months. 

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Re: Perlier Vendors

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The honey line is wonderful.  I gifted some to my daughter for Christmas and she loves it.