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Perlier TSV Body Cream's--Work'n for ya?

I bought several of Perlier's TS Honey Body Creams last week.  And wasnt sure I liked them all that much. I wasnt sure they were really moisturizing, Altho they soaked in fast.  Maybe I'm just expecting that awful greasy feeling?  Woman Sad


But after "Hugh Grant's (Oscar) comment about his "5cr0**m face" last night,  I'm thinkiing of the various ways I can continue to,maybe increase moisturizing my skin, body, & face, & do this moisturization even more frequently!


Last week, I bought the HSN TSV Perlier *Lemon," *Honey Royal Jelly" &    *Honeydew (<-- that I couldnt cancel after I realized Honeydew didnt have Royal Jelly)


And the "Active Argan Hydration Lockdown, which I havent tried yet.


More, & more moisturization.

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Re: Perlier TSV Body Cream's--Work'n for ya?

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I didn't watch so I don't understand the reference.  However, I cracked open a jar of the plain honey body cream on Saturday.  The scent wasn't what I was expecting.  It didn't smell like a lotion of the same name that I already owned,  Even so, I really like the cream a lot in its texture, absorb ability, and how my skin feels.  I can get dressed without needing to wait. I'm looking forward to trying my other scents.