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Wanted to let everyone know in case there is someone who uses the Perlier products that they are on HSN tonight, Friday, and tomorrow for their 25th anniversary.  They seem to have a lot of good deals too.


I've used some of their products and they are nice.

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I used to get their huge tubes of honey body butters, the honey lavender was wonderful. Sadly I haven’t seen them for a long time on HSN where the sale prices were great. 

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I used t like Perlier  years ago



for years now I favor Korres & DH favors Beekman, Korres 2nd for him

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Thank you for letting us know.


I had bought the Perlier olive oil bar soap for years until they stopped making it. I will go looking and see what they have.

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Thanks.  I used to love Perlier until I discovered L'Occitane.  My L'Occitane store is within walking distance of my home which is a mixed blessing...

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I love Perlier!  And yes, if you need bath and body products, they have great deals now (4 piece set with a tote for onl y 39.99).  I love the Imperial Honey, Shea Butter or the Olivarium.  I still have whole bunch in my closet, so I won't be purchasing this time around.  

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I told myself that I didn't need another product. And I don't. But boy, I really wanted the Peony three pieces set. I caved. Peonies are my favorite flower, and that tote was too cute.

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I used to love their shower gels - my favorite was peach. OMG the bathroom smelled so good after a shower. As a matter of fact, when we stayed at a B & B in Salem, MA I remember taking that shower gel on our trip and the owner of the Inn remarked how wonderful our bathroom smelled! A shame they no longer make it.



RICETTE NATURALI Perlier Fruit Gels Bath & Shower GEL 16.9 FL Oz for sale  online | eBay


I bought quite a bit when they used to be on QVC. Macy's also carried their line back in the day.


I was always a fan of the White Almond line. Still am, especially the hand cream.

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I loved their products years ago.  It took me years to realize I have scent allergies and I had to give them up.  Sometimes reality has to hit you on the head.  

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I discovered Perlier in Italy and love the brand! They have the mother's day sets now on HSN for sale in almost ever scent. $39.99 and it includes a little tote. I already caved bought 2. These make such great gifts!