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Perfect formula products for nails

Perfect Formula nail products contain formaldehyde. In 2011 the U.S. National Toxology Program described formaldehyde as"known to be a human carcinogen". Formaldehyde is used in embalming.... exposure to formaldehyde puts embalmers at risk for a higher incidence of lukemia and brain cancer. Although the amount may not be significant the formaldehyde, when applied, is absorbed into the nail bed. These ingredients can be hazardous to women's health and should be used with caution.
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Re: Perfect formula products for nails

That's why I don't use PF!  I read ingredients of the cosmetics I'm interested in, and   sometimes it's an exhausting process.  The Environmental Working Group  aka EWG is a great resource.  

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Re: Perfect formula products for nails

I use and love Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Treatment, gold bottle , gold top, no formaldehyde or the resin.Aand a fraction of the cost of Perfect.

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Re: Perfect formula products for nails

  Perfect Formula didn't help my nails at all!  None of the promises came true for me.   Ever since I found Julep I've never used anything else.

   Up until my early 50's I had thick, long, healthy nails that I always kept painted.  Then my nails started to peel, several would always split down the middle, they became discolored, and got thinner.  After using Julep one time I could see a difference!  Within only a month my nails no longer split, no longer peeled, and are no longer discolored.  They are thick, healthy, pretty nails that grow like crazy!  If I get lazy and use one coat of their base coat, and one coat of their top coat for the look of clear (they don't have a clear polish) and let it go too long so it chips, or if I simply go a couple weeks without painting them at all the peeling and splitting returns.

    I haven't researched it but my understanding is it's a healthy polish if there is such a thing.  They say it has oxygen in it, what that does I don't know.

     It's pricey but to have healthy, nice looking nails and not be worried about what I'm putting on them the price is well worth it.

    I do my fingernails but due to a physical issue I go to the salon for my pedicure.  I always take my Julep polish, base coat, and top coat.

    Some colors last longer than others as with all brands.   I'm hard on my nails and with any brand I've tried I often have to touch up the tips the very next day.  I'll admit a couple of Julep colors I have to do the same, but with many Julep colors one coat will last an entire week.

    I did NOT have good results with the Julep treatments.  As a matter of fact their treatments made my nails worse, I don't know why.  Every color, the different base coats, and top coats have done nothing but worked magic on my nails!  I can't recommend it enough!  I'm often asked where I get my nails done they look so good.  

    They also have excellent customer service!  I've bought far too much polish, I'm embarrassed to admit I probably have 30+ bottles of Julep polish.  I had one color that was extremely thick, streaked, just wasn't right.  I called customer service and they sent out a new bottle and said I didn't need to bother returning the other.  Another time I was sent the wrong color. Again I called customer service, they apologized and sent out the right one and I didn't have to return the wrong color.

      If you're looking for a polish that will actually REPAIR your nails Julep is it!  I buy from their website but have brought from the limited selection on the Q once or twice.  If you join their Maven plan you can get in on sales where you can get polish for as cheap as $5.00 a bottle. 

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Re: Perfect formula products for nails

FYI...Julep is having a sale now where several bottles are $5.

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Re: Perfect formula products for nails

That's interesting.  When I was in high school 70s the in thing was to paint your nails with straight formaldehyde.  My step mom worked at a drug store and she would bring home us girls little bottles the pharmacist would give her. Boy it made you finger throb for about half hour. I only did it once. Sounds like it was a good thing.