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Pepto Bismol used as blush :0

<h1>Pepto Bismol: Your Latest Beauty Trick</h1>
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We’ve all been in dire need of a good old-fashioned bottle of that chalky pink stomach cure-all known as Pepto Bismol when stomach issues arise, but apparently, the medicine cabinet must-have has other uses in addition to its signature 5 symptom relief. In fact, apparently the stuff doubles as—blush. Yes, like for your face. <!--EndofExcerptMarker-->

According to, the pink liquid is a great (and much cheaper) substitute for some mainstream makeup products. So the blog tested out the theory, applying it against popular cheek stain Benefit Posie Tint.

The result? “Pepto Bismol didn’t work as a mask for me, but I’m happy to have discovered a super cheap and natural tint for my cheeks,” said the site’s blogger.

And with a cheap price tag of $3.99 compared to the price of Posie Tint ($24), we say, why not? But we have to wonder, does it leave you smelling like Pepto? The blogger also tried using the product as a face mask, but it didn't do much.