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Should I be concerned?  I have been using for about a year now.  Ever since I found out about this website where you can have ingredients analyzed immediately, I copied my moisturizer ingredients and parabens are present.  All I read on this forum is stay away from parabens.  I read that they are not harmful in small doses but how do you know what the percentage is?  If you are knowledgeable about parabens, please share your info.

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I am not concerned about parabens.  The science I have found does not have convincing proof that it is a hamful ingredient, but they are good preservatives.  While you can't know how much exactly is in a product, the ingredient deck is listed from most to least.



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At my age, I need all the preservatives I can get!


Parabens don't worry me.  Too many other things to worry about.

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Re: Parabens in Moisturizer

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My understanding is that there is no concrete evidence that parabens are harmful. You’re fine using your moisturizer.

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My only reticence would be if there were a stack of parabens. Whether or not that's founded, I don't know. But it makes me wonder when they list multiple parabens.

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When a product touts it's parabens-free label then usually that means there's some other kind of preventative in it. The use of an alternative preservative may come with a whole set of concerns, for instance sensitivity and/or allergic reactions, plus many alternatives are not as effective at providing antimicrobial protection. Some alternatives are new in the industry and have not yet seen their effects long term.


Parabens are proven safe and effective. Do as you feel fit. It's a personal choice.

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I would rather have parabens in my moisturizer than harmful bacteria and mold.



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I try and use paraben free skin care and hair products. Many people dont think they are harmful but I wont take this chance, when there are tons of super great products out there that are free of parabens, etc. 

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Can't decide if the replacements are worse, so I no longer use that to choose.


Unless you go with pure oil, you need some kind of preservation.

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Usually substuitute parabens with phenoxethanol. I would ratherr have parabens in my productas than DMDM Hydantoin which is made from formaldehyde.