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Re: Parabens, an explanation from a scientist

Two studies that claimed to have found naturally occuring parabens, both from researchers at Colorado State University, were retracted several years after their publication.


The fact is that parabens do exist rarely in nature, but it is highly misleading to claim that they are a common constituent of fruits or vegetables. Meanwhile, a growing body of scientific evidence lends credence to health concerns from paraben exposure.

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Re: Parabens, an explanation from a scientist

The EWG does not represent mainstream scientific views on health risks from chemicals. 79% of the members of Society of Toxicology  (experts on health risks from chemicals) think the EWG overstate chemical risks. The EWG helped promote false ideas that vaccines helped promote autism. The EWG are also scaremongers against foods produced with GMOs. Experts including the World Health Organization, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the European Food Safety Authority, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the American Medical Association find biotech foods just as safe as their non-biotech equivalents.

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