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Re: Painful blind pimples from philosophy?

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I recently purchased and have been using philosophy's micro delivery overnight anti-aging peel for about two weeks now.  I am in my 40s and have good skin. Even as a teenager I did not have breakouts. In the past two weeks I have had two large, painful blind pimples on my chin and now one on my nose! I have to assume this is from the philosophy. Did this happen to anyone else? I guess I'm going to have to return it.


While you may have activated a somewhat dormant case of adult acne or you're sensitive to the product, oftentimes skin can look worse as its getting better. Sometimes when cleansing the face deeply, one can have a period initially of break-outs, reddening, etc. It can be a case of the skin purging itself of the toxins and oils and dirt which we don't even know is there. It can cause skin to look worse but then it starts to look better as it been cleansed.


Its sort of like they say when the exterminators come. You'll see MORE bugs after a spraying than you did before since before things get better, they get worse as vermin tries to escape and scamper all over your house looking for ways not to die.


Its just like that sometimes with deep dirt. It comes to the surface before it goes away.


I'm not a dermatologist. So you have to go with your skin and your gut. But sometimes people use a product but not for a long enough a period of time to get past the toxin purging stage. They see a bad reaction in a couple of uses and stop using it. But many times (barring some other skin allergy or condition) with using it a week or so more, that phase is over and one see the improvement suddenly.

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Re: Painful blind pimples from philosophy?

Just for me--I would never do anything that hurt.