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Re: So glad it works well for you! It is the best compact min...

@Lalley  I remember getting the Golden Med. because I did not think that it would be to much of a golden undertone. It was a bit too dark & it was too golden for me. The Blush from the pics on Ulta looks more of a neutral. Next time I'm at Ulta, I will take a look. Let me know what you think of the med. blush when you recieve it. Baremineral"s original is perfect for me in the Med. Beige.

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Re: PUR 4 in 1 Pressed Foundation

Kabella, I'm going to try the med blush and hope it won't read too pink. In Bare Minerals, I wore medium. I still really like this foundation on day 3 and I'm known to be fickle with makeup. Smiley Happy  Hope you find a shade that is the perfect match.