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Re: PTR's new Mineral Water Cream ?

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Word has it jewelry is a family business.

Yes—my father immigrated to America from Hungary in 1939, and worked as a dental mechanic/technician, which included casting gold teeth. After the war was over, he became a jeweler, casting jewelry for other people. He made almost all the things for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and for most of the jewelers on 5th Avenue, so I learned from the best.


When did you begin designing jewelry?

Four years ago I decided I wanted to do a jewelry line, but I was a little rusty. Our jewelry factory wasn’t doing very much because a lot of the business had gone overseas. When I graduated from college, I licensed Gloria Vanderbilt, and I did her fine jewelry for two years. It was successful, but also unsuccessful because I was way ahead of my time. No one understood that a designer could do real jewelry—it didn’t exist—everyone was doing costume jewelry. Retailers, while they bought the jewelry, never even put Gloria’s name on it. I learned a lot from doing that. I’m very creative—for skincare, we come up with a bunch of products each year. But it took me three years to come up with a really recognizable jewelry design—that was the hardest thing. And I always focus on quality; everything is either sterling silver or 18K gold. To me, color in gold is so important, so I spent forever choosing the color.


@sunshine45  I didn’t think this was about us, but since you asked, I studied at Duke University in NC and had personal training from a list of masters to learn additional techniques in enameling, bezel setting stones, forging, etc. I’ve been designing, making and selling jewelry for over 25 yrs. 


Now can we agree to disagree?






yes we can if you consider this a disagreement, but i am not sure what you mean about this being about "us." just wanted to share with you an article regarding some of his background and his family background in the jewelry industry.

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Re: PTR's new Mineral Water Cream ?

I believe there's a whole lotta misinterpretation going on here - read the posts carefully ladies!!!