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What has been your experience with PTR Retinol Fusion serum? I bought this last TSV and decided to give it an honest trial using it faithfully, and I just don't feel like I see enough results to continue paying the money after a few weeks. Am I doing something wrong or does it just not work for my skin, or is it overhyped? Trying to decide whether to cancel my auto delivery. Appreciate any input.

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HI @joanluvz 

I am a faithful PTR user.  I switch between retinol serum and night cream and his hyaluronic serum and moisturizer.  I get great results.  My skin feels much softer and more "exfoliated" - if your skin can actually feel that way (?)

I can also tell you that after using for a few months I switch to something else, right now it's It confidence in a cream.  It's almost like the change does my skin good- wakes it up, but I always, always go back to PTR retinol night cream and serum. 

I'm almost 60- most think 45-50.  I know genetics plays a huge role in that  -(mom didn't look her age ever) and IMHO- there is no miracle cream. I drink tons of water (with lemon) and eat a really good diet.  

I've used another product called The Ordinary and it's given me great results too at a much much much lower price.  Their Hyaluronic serum is very thick compared to PTR so their delivery system is much different, sticker, but the end result is pretty close to PTR. 

My next "experiment" is going to be with a new line called Good Molecules. It's getting rave reviews and for the price you can't go wrong. 

Good luck! Take good care of your skin...It's with you forever!


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@Jtdmum I have dry skin that's prone to freckling and have other discolorations now, including some red spots that came out of nowhere. I was hoping the retinol serum would address those things, along with wrinkles, but I don't think it's made a difference - definitely not and "oh wow" situation that makes it worth the money. Maybe I'm just expecting too much for anything to address those things at my age.

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I have used it religiously for years. I had previously tried other retinol products and had a horrible reaction. This one is very gentle and I feel it is effective. It will not work miracles, nothing will. However it’s been very effective with the lines and wrinkles and especially crows feet, which I no longer have. I do not find it effective on sun damage spots, not one bit, and nothing else has worked either. I’m now using it on my neck and dec and it’s been good for the vertical lines on my chest from side sleeping. I think the price is good when you get it on a special from the Q. It lasts a long time and plays well with other products. Overall, I doubt I’ll ever stop using this as I believe it has helped correct some aging problems and prevent them from accelerating. I also feel it helps with skin clarity and brightness. I no longer suffer from any clogged pores. Everyone will have a different result, just sharing mine as I’ve used it so long (and I’m a certified beauty junkie).

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I bought a duo of this product. Was really excited. I got a great SPF 50 to wear every day as well. I was really determined to go for it with retinol and figured this would be a gentle way to gradually ramp up to higher levels and eventually Retin A.


In practice, I just don't use it. It doesn't fit into my routine. And I got dryness and dead skin buildup after a few uses. Same as my other experiences with retinol. Since others reported dead dry skin didn't happen to them, I assumed it wouldn't happen to me. Well it still did. (But for everyone's reference, that does mean there must be at least a somewhat effective level of retinol in there.)


I think my skin still turns over quite quickly, so retinol isn't right for me at this time. Maybe once I'm mid menopause and processes are supposed to slow down, it'll be more relevant.



Know what this retinol serum is working great for right now? An old callus on my foot is responding really well to the retinol. The skin is thinning down, is more flexible, and looks much more like the surrounding area. All that in just a matter of a few days. lol Most expensive foot treatment ever!

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I was using prescription retin A from my doctor.  It caused a lot of peeling and irritation.  After faithfully using it for years, I found the irritation caused me to decrease use to two or three times per week tops.  A derm from NYU Langome Medical Center was on Doctor Radio and was saying when she had a patient in my predicament that she advised them to switch to retinol because the cosmetic industry has done a lot to wrap the retinol in substances to make it easier on the skin.  Plus, most have vit C and retin A does not.  She suggested a good retinol and I chose PTR and never went back.  I can use his retinol easily every night and I also use it (as the derm on the radio suggested) on my neck and declotee.  My crows feet has diminished and I do have less sagging and wrinkles, but it takes months, not weeks for you to see some difference, IMO.

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I have used, and still use, PTR. I have used it for many years. It doesn't irritate my skin.

I also use Skin Biology Copper Peptides and have found copper gets rid of the red, flaky sun damaged skin. You need to use it regulary to work. The copper makes the red spots even redder and looks nasty for a few days but gets rid of the sun damage.

I use the copper peptides (Skin Signals), wait 5 minutes and add PTR. I do this at night before bed.

PTR actually seems to calm down my skin. I use the copper about once a week and PTR nightly.

I buy the PTR when QVC has the large size. It lasts a long time and I feel has made such a big difference in my skin.


My suggestion would be to continue using it. Everything takes time. Use up the bottle before making a determination. When I first started, it took months before I saw a big difference.

I also love his Firm X peeling gel. It gets all the flaky skin off and leaves your skin feeling so soft.