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Re: PTR Retinol Liquid


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@SilleeMee I'm sorry, I didn't finish. After my face healed, I began using it the correct way, applying every third night, then every other night, then every night and have found it really does work for me. I put it on with a cotton swab before, then got dermatitis.



Oh okay. So your skin was shocked in the beginning and then it got used to it and settled down...good thing. Glad it's working for you now.Woman Happy @wishmoon 

Yes, this is the way an educated person write it. I went thru Farmer John's barn when I could have said what you did. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: PTR Retinol Liquid

I bought the two large bottles TSV for $114.00 last October.  I am still on the 1st bottle.  If PTR says in his presentation that one bottle is only good for one year what am I supposed to do with the 2nd bottle?  I use it every single night.  One large bottle is enough to last me close to a year using it every single night. I am going to cancel my auto ship since I still have the 2nd bottle.  I certainly do not need 2 more big bottles. I do like the way it works for me though.  I turn 60 in a few months, only have a few crows feet, no face wrinkles and get lots of compliments on my skin.  I love the way my skin feels when I put the retinol on. I don't like prescription retinols (I've tried them before) because I have sensitive skin and they are too harsh for me, plus they are extremely expensive and you just get this little tube.