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PRAI champagne caviar skin renewal serum on HSN. Or crepe erase on QVC?

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I was watching  the presentation on HSN tonight  with Shannon S. And flipping channels to QVC with Shawn K.  and. A product called Crepe Erase.

The HSN presenter had a lady who is 74: and did a live testimonial and before photos.

The lady givimg the testimonial had a turkey neck  before using  the serum.  The becore pic showed her turkey neck.  Now her  neck and decollage looked incredibly smooth and supple..   She now has very tight and smooth looking skin.

What do you think of the serum. and if you use or used it, has  this skin renewal helped you?   Presenter said they use cutting edge stem cell technology.   Smiley Wink


Now, I just tuned on QVC and saw a product called Crepe Erase,looks like a similar with HSN product.  Have you used Crepe Erase?  Which one is more effective to tighten up the skin.


I’m thinking of ordering the product for a friend who recently had a gastric bypass and lost 130 pounds!  Her skin is notably saggy and loose. I was thinking this serum will help tighten up her skin under her turkey neck, decollage, and saggy arm skin.