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I had my brows microbladed. My natural brows are sparse and thin. I could never get them to look nice with pencil or powder. I researched this for 3 months before I committed to microblading. I selected a brow artist my friend used because I really liked how natural looking and full hers turned out. This artist was trained by a woman who is very well known in the permanent makeup beauty industry so I was confident she understood proper techinque. Microblading is a process that should involve a consultation and two visits. During the consultation I brought photos and had the brows I wanted drawn in to show her. My skin was examined. If you have very oily skin the color will fade quicker. You might be advised to skip the microblading and go with an ombre or shaded brow. I have some oilyness in my T-zone but not enough to cause a poor result. I was given instructons on what to do prior to my first visit (no coffee or anything that thins the blood, no anti aging treatments or injections like botox 2 weeks prior, etc.). 
The first visit takes the longest. It took 3 1/2 hours from start to finish. Brows are drawn on using calipers and measuring "threads". Remember, brows are sisters not twins so they should not be identical. After adjusting and readjusting I was finally happy with the shape. 
Then I picked out a color (colors can be customized). Inks are painted on your hand so you can see how they look against skin. Good quality pigment is important in longevity and stability of the color. I have dark hair and I selected a color that matched. Some women want to go darker than their natural hair color. The brow area is numbed with a topical cream. I was told numbing creams that are less potent are better for microblading because the skin doesn't soften and stretch as much during the ink application process. This means that you will feel discomfort/pain!!! Fortunately the application of ink doesn't take long. The tool used has micro blades that cut into the surface layer/s of the skin and deposits ink. 
During the process I kept checking in the mirrors to be sure the brow shape was what I wanted. I looked at my brows from all angles, closeup and at a distance. When I was finally satisfied I was told to follow the aftercare instructions to the letter and come back for my second appointment in 6 weeks. Don't mess up the aftercare because the results won't be as good. There are two types of aftercare; wet and dry. Some say dry (no application of ointments) is best for crisp, sharp lines. Some say wet is better (application of a small amount of aquaphor or ointment). I was advised to do the wet method of aftercare and my results were excellent. I was worried because my brows were really dark... like Groucho Marx dark! I was told that they would lighten up during the healing process and they did. 
The healing was itchy and skin peeled. Brows looked yucky and I was grateful for my bangs. After they healed (4 weeks) some areas were patchy. I had to use pencil to add color. I went in for my second visit and she added strokes and filled in the light areas. That session took 1 1/2 hours. I went through the aftercare and healing. It's been 5 months and I'm really happy with how they look. They are wider and more dense than my natural brows with a well placed arch and longer “tail". They look very natural and my eyes look bigger because the space between my brow and eyelid has increased slightly. I can’t believe I went so long with horrible brows. 
Total cost $500. They will last 2+ years without a touch up. Touch ups are $150. 
Hope this helps explain the process. 


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I have one too and am not impressed either--love my Mia more!!!!

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@Say Nay.  What a wonderful, thorough description of a process!  Yours is one of the best I've ever read.  Feel like I ought to save it for when it comes up again.


Sounds like you're very pleased with the results and that you had an excellent artist.  If I was younger, I wouldn't hesitate to look for someone locally who could do this but at my age, I think that ship has sailed.  I bet there are many others here who can use the information.  I do so appreciate your taking the time to write such a comprehensive review.

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i was so tempted to order, but didn't.  Too many gadgets.  I no longer use my Clarisonic.  Also bought the Campanelli facial microfiber cloths.  I know all these items don't serve the same purpose, but don't need more "stuff."     I am using the PopSonic make-up sponges with battery.  I think I get better results than I did with Beauty Blender or brushes.  Will see how I like them after using them more.  Glad to have the longer return policy.

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The Monkey on My Back, that's a great guide to the process.   My niece owns a salon and is  licensed to do microblading. She has tried talking me into having my brows done but I'm a big chicken and the healing process doesn't sound like something I'm willing to endure.  It's also expensive and isn't permanent (which could be a good thing if you're not happy with your results or want to change your brow shape).  I have seen some of her clients who have had this done and they look really nice.  


Thanks for explaining the process so well!


As for The Leaf, I love mine.  I also have a Clarisonic Mia 1 and liked it until I purchased my Leaf.  The Leaf is much more gentle, doesn't require any costly replacement parts and is more hygienic.  Even though I removed the brush after each use, my Clarisonic got moldy underneath the ring where the brush goes and required periodic intricate cleaning.  Also, even with the sensitive brush head, my face felt somewhat irritated.  The cashmere brush was fine, but too expensive.  I just purchased the TSV for a back up Leaf and one for my sister.