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Great idea, but I have purchased others that are the same (no metal barrel) for much less at Ulta, Target, etc.


There's also $5.50 shipping. I'll never understand not charging shipping on TSVs.


My big issue for me is that you'll have blow dry or air dry hair first. My Revlon tool dries and does the same curl or straightening.


Shouldn't the "GO GO" come in the same size barrel as the larger one you're purchasing? The straightening I've done would be too curly with the tiny travel barrel. BTW, my hair takes several hours to air dry. Then use the Perfecter?


Who is purchasing their first or second to get another size?

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Anything where I have to stand there [forever] and take little sections at a time is so not for me!


5 hot rollers in for 5 minutes and out for 5 is all the fuss I want to do with my hair!

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@Harpa  I have the T3 rollers and also put in a few in large sections. I can walk around, get my makeup done, breakfast, etc. I'm not attached to a plug in the wall. 


My thick, curly hair would take forever!!!

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Any of the hot air brushes you have to pre-dry your hair 90%. I have an elcheapo from Amazon and it is the same way.

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She is on so much.

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I have this one I bought years ago.  It's gets so tangled in my hair (does not blow dry).


It's also expensive, hard pass for me.



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I have two Perfecters, the largest and the medium size. Had them for several years. I mostly use the large one for smoothing my long hair and flipping out the ends. I have never used them to curl my hair where you wrap the hair completely around the barrel. I just do it about half-way and that gets my ends to have a slight curve. 


For me the Perfecter makes getting my hair to look good in a short time. I use it every time I wash my hair. Blow dry first (goes fast b/c my hair is fairly thin) and then use my Perfecter. 

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@goldensrbest   AGREE COMPLETELY!

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The condition of my hair has improved dramatically since using the Perfecter. I wash my hair at night and let it air dry. The next morning, I use the Perfecter. I have arthritis in my hands, and it would be very difficult to curl my hair without it. Shawn's hair looked lovely last night during the midnight show. If the Perfecter tangles in your hair, it is not being used correctly. The video is always quite helpful. I have two Perfecters, in different sizes, and both of them are at least two years old.

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I always laugh when I see her selling the perfecter again. I have 2 sizes. One my sister gave me of the original and a bigger size that I bought over 10 years ago and rarely use. I got them back out again but I'd rather use hot curlers or curling iron. I will occasionally use it to smooth out the front. She will be selling these forever. Doesn't everyone have one already? Plus she sells so many iterations of it. It reminds me of them Clarisonic they sold every other month. I guess when you hit on a good selling product  you just keep riding it.