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Oxymoron: Loreal Matte Gloss?

I just heard an ad for this yesterday.  Anyone tried this yet?

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Re: Oxymoron: Loreal Matte Gloss?

No, but that is funny. If it's matte and not a gloss, they should just call it a liquid lipstick.

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Re: Oxymoron: Loreal Matte Gloss?

Lipstick Queen makes a matte gloss cheek and lip compact in several shades. Each shade is entitled with something that is oxymoronic. I have the shade called Honest Politician.


I actually love it. It's a perfect rose shade with a touch of brown to make it very wearable. I use it only on my cheeks.

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Re: Oxymoron: Loreal Matte Gloss?

Really nonsensical name for a product.  I thought it looked terrible on the models in the commercial.  So parched.

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