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I'm having trouble finding the sites I used to go to for this purpose.




My favorite was one reviewer who would post polishes from new collections on her nails, describe the colors, and compare the colors to others from the same brand - or different brands.




 I just tried to find the site I used to rely on. I can't remember the name. All that came up were sites that sold the polish.




Can anyone help with this? TIA!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Online Nail Polish Reviews

@beach-mom I don't know of any specific sites, but I know when I'm deciding if I want to buy a new color online, I google it and then select the Images option.  This is how I have found sites that have reviews, pictures, etc. of polishes.  It's also the best way to see how the color looks on multiple nails.


I just did that on the polish I'm currently wearing and a couple of sites that came up that might be like what you're looking for are:  theshadesofu dot com, ehmkaynails dot blogspot dot com, laceandlacquers dot com.   There looked to be a lot more like that.


Maybe you could try that and one of the images might have a name that is the one you are trying to remember.  Good luck!

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Re: Online Nail Polish Reviews

@beach-mom   I'm more of a youtube viewer than a blog reader. Go Polished reviews polish collections from several major mainstream brands on her youtube channel, usually including comparisons. Phoebe Moon still does a few select collection reviews (mostly china glaze, opi) with comparisons at the end.