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Ole Henriksen & Dr Denese TSV

I've been checking his line on QVC-there are many who love his products. I'm partial to no parabens, etc and more natural ingredients. Now Dr Denese has the TSV - Lisa Robertson is swearing by her products. I'm 59 yrs old. My good skin is partially due to no sun damage and very good genes. Opinions on either product line welcome. Thanks!

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Re: Ole Henriksen & Dr Denese TSV

I use his Truth Serum along with Miracle Worker moisturizer. I just added Dr. D's TSV a couple weeks ago. The jury is still out.

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Re: Ole Henriksen & Dr Denese TSV

Ole's red african tea facial cleanser is gentle and very effective .... very, very good, IMO. I also like his makeup remover towelettes which are also a treatment. I keep them in my nightstand for those nights I'm too lazy to get back up and wash my face. super convenient!

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Re: Ole Henriksen & Dr Denese TSV

I have been a Dr. Denese girl since her first appearance approaching 15 years ago when I bought the pads and hydroshield serum. I have added a few other products since that first purchase. My skin is great. I used to have all kinds of issues. All disappeared. I think Dr. Denese has a cumulative effect on skin. I also have never been a sun worshipper.

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Re: Ole Henriksen & Dr Denese TSV

i swear by her products too. I have a lot of every other brand products. None are as good as her's. I give the others away to friends.