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Older Eye Makeup

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Two products life changing for me. First of all not one who cares spending extra time on makeup on a daily basis. Even special events like simple.


A291496 bareminerals smoky eye quad 


A72258 bareminerals flawless definition mascara (espresso) 


Love! The colors. Easy achieving natural look as well smoky. 

Looked in the mirror after walking my dogs this morning (Florida) no issues with transfer or smudging mascara. Best of allergic reactions!


Woo-hoo!!  Woman Very Happy


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Re: Older Eye Makeup



  I so agree with you about Bare Minerals.I went back to this brand after years of trying others expect ally It Cos.  All awful. Tried and true brand Bare Minerals. Complexion Rescue is wonderful, as is the shadow quad.Love,Love

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Re: Older Eye Makeup

I so agree with you on the eye quad.  It's a sleeper for sure, but then again Bareminerals doesn't get much air time anymore.  If you want a back-up of that quad, watch Ulta as they have it half off quite regulary!

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Re: Older Eye Makeup

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Now I have dry eye, common in older people my doctor says. Anyway due to constantly watering eyes the only eye MU I use now is waterproof mascara.