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Re: Old Pink Plastic Hair Rollers

I had my last hair cut in mid-February. Although I usually get it cut every 4 or 5 weeks, I've toyed with the idea of growing it out. NOT ANYMORE! My pixie haircut has evolved into a bouffant when it's behaving and a Shirley Temple curly top when it's not (even on the sides). I use a blow dryer with a round brush on the top and a flat brush on the sides. I just fluff the back with my fingers. I call my hair dresser everyday to see if she's open - no luck so far. I know she hasn't closed permanently because DH drove over to check on that. I'll just keep calling. . .🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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Re: Old Pink Plastic Hair Rollers

I have been leaving my hair curly but it starting to look a little bushy.  Yesterday I washed it and put it up in a turban.  I was going to let it air dry but then I got called into a zoom meeting.  I almost forgot to take off the turban.  Thankfully I logged on before the host and notice the turban on video so I quickly ran to take it off, combed out my hair and slicked it back into a bun. 

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Re: Old Pink Plastic Hair Rollers

Oddly enough, even after sleeping on it, my pink-roller hairdo still looks good.  It held it's shape, anyway.  Like some of you, I had a pixie before that now looks like a 60's bouffant.  I've been trimming the bangs, but am scared to try cutting the back or sides.  


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Re: Old Pink Plastic Hair Rollers

We also used brush roller which were horribly painful to sleep in. Then there were also OJ cans that those of us used to get that perfect flip. Lol! 

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Re: Old Pink Plastic Hair Rollers

Fun topic!


Well, my longish pixie quickly looked awful, since it really needs trimming every four weeks.  I couldn't do much more than to trim my bangs at first, but I finally scraped up enough nerve to cut the back bottom straight across - it was crawling down my neck and I just couldn't stand it.


It has now evolved into something like a flapper bob, which I hated at first.  But lately, it's starting to grow on me (pun intended.)  It's looking better, and when I get back into the salon, which should be any time now, I think I'll just ask my hairdresser to tidy up the back layering and let the sides keep growing.until I actually have a nice chin length bob with a slight angle.

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Re: Old Pink Plastic Hair Rollers

I still use the huge (velcro) rollers for the top and back of my hair and also when I keep my bangs long-ish.


Just ordered some from Ulta (DryBar is the brand).  I use the yellow ones with long clips to keep in place.


My hair is just past my shoulders (had it cut on Friday) and it tends to be wavy in the summer.  So when it's almost complety dried I put it up in 8-10 huge curlers and then I hit it lightly with a low setting on the blow dryer.  I keep it up for a bit longer and my hair is then perfectly straight and has some major *Umph* which I love!