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Ok! My experiment results....

First off, I am a WENner. I have been using it exclusively for a few months now. No shampoo has touched my hair since the day I first started using WEN. My results are a bit different, as I originally began using WEN from an email I received for a package costing 9.95 from Gunthy Renker. Come to find out, it is a different formula than the actual WEN.

The real WEN, which I purchased through the Q is MUCH, MUCH more moisturizing.

Anyway, with all the negative remarks going on right now about WEN, and because I have 2 of the TSV's "still processing" I thought I would try out my old shampoo just to see if I could tell a magnificent difference in how my hair felt from "one" shampoo. As Chaz says his WEN transforms hair in "one" application.

During the wash, I could definitely tell it was not the silky feeling you have when washing with WEN. My hair felt drier. I used a good conditioner as well (which gave me the silky feeling). I could tell from the minute I ran the pick through my hair that it was BETTER!

My hair was just as easy to comb, didn't feel dry, and I could tell that it had body. It was "sitting" up like it used to, rather than "laying" there, if that makes sense. I am the opposite from others who say they can go days without washing with WEN. I used to go several days without washing while using shampoo. WIth WEN I feel like my hair attracts dirt and does not hold my curls like usual.

I have a lot of hair, naturally curly, and it is about medium length now I guess. It just got destroyed by an idiot hairdresser who cut off about 7 inches of my length!! That's another story.

My hair is on the dry side, definitely NOT oily. I can go a week without washing and it is just beginning to get oily. But it is in decent shape. No real damage and it stays hydrated without the use of conditioners. So, pretty balanced IMO. (For example, I have had an awful time trying to go auburn recently, and ended up doing FIVE chemical processes in a MONTH) and my hair is definitely hurting, but it is not noticeable to others.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling....My point is that my hair bounced up and feels normal again after one wash. For once my hair SMELLS GOOD! I never thought my hair smelled good for more than 20 minutes after using WEN. I don't know what to say or think right now. I love WEN, I really do, and this is NOT a bashing of WEN. It is just my thoughts and experience .

I definitely cannot justify the price if my hair is not incredible using it! Which I thought it was. It took me to shampoo to see that it is not much different. I can get some great body from using WEN sometimes. But I have to use it EXACTLY right. That means using the exact amount needed for my hair, using a pump as a leave-in, using his gel, and letting it air dry. My hair was incredible that day. But I don't get it each time. Then again, I don't have incredible hair days every day with shampoo.