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Oh, How I Love the Tria Laser!

I went back and forth on buying one of these for probably 3 years or so. I finally bought one in August. I have used it 3 times (I did my 4th treatment tonight). Just in those three times, the hair is barely growing. I shaved under my arms Monday and 5 days later there is barely any growth. I am so excited and can't wait until the hair is completely gone. I have also been using it for this ridiculous hair that drives me nuts on my chin. Hopefully that will quit growing as well. Ladies if laser hair removal is something you have been interested in and you don't mind shelling out the money, Tria is definitely worth it IMO. <3

BTW: I have only been using the Tria on my chin, under arms, and toes (for now). I try to use it on the highest setting (5) but sometimes I have to decrease it to a 3. Be sure to get as close a shave as possible before using the Tria. During the Tria presentations they always refer to it as like a snap from a rubber band but IMO it feels like someone poked me with a hot needle. It is very quick though and if you decrease the intesity, you won't feel a thing.