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Re: Official new Drugstore Diva's Thread for June 2021!

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@JudyLI'm curious about the technique you saw on YT.  Yes,come back and tell us about it.

@Pure N Simple I've used both the Revlon eyeliner and the L'Oreal.  Both are good, go on well and easy, staying power is good.  So will keep both, however, my preference will be the Revlon only because it has a finer point and thats what I wanted.


The technique that I saw was new to me.  I'm sure lots of ladies on this board knew about it and do it but I'd never seen it.  I saw it on one of those how to apply makeup on hooded lids videos.  My lids are getting more hooded as I age so wanted to watch some of those for some ideas.  Anyway, I am putting eyeliner along the underside of my top lid along the lash line.  I was surprised at what a difference it makes and am really happy with how it looks.

Thanks @JudyL for explaining. I really like that look, it's more natural looking than liner on the lid but it definitely brings out your eyes. My eyes are getting hooded too.  I tried that techique a few years back but I have dry, very sensitive eyes and, after a while, my eyes began to water and burn, so I stopped doing that. It could have been the particular brand of eyeliner I had, not that I remember which that was then. I think I'll try it again, maybe just at home before I venture out with it on.

@JudyL @Pure N Simple , I believe this technique is called tightlining.  I am afraid to try it because I am a contact lense wearer and I am so afraid the liner will end up on my contacts.  And once that happens, the contacts are shot.  I've gotten liner on them before and I can never get it off permanently.


I need to remember to try it when my contacts are already old and need to be replaced because I like the look.