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Re: Official August 2021 Drugstore/Inexpensive Beauty Thread

@Sammijo10 wrote:

I thought I would add my purchase yesterday as it WAS August!  I stopped in Ulta and purchased the new MAybelline glowy primer/highlighter.  It's supposed to be a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter.  I've only used a sample of the CT so I'm not sure if it's a full on dupe, but I used it this AM as a primer and I like it!  Just enough added moisture that my foundation (whichever one I use!) goes on a bit smoother and looks a bit smoother.  


I also picked up two Essense eye shadow palettes.  Small six pan palettes one called Taupes (on the greyish side of taupe, which is why I got it) and one called Icy, Icy Blues, which is a few really nice and subtle shades of blue/grey.  I used them this AM to try out and they are terrific!  Only 3.99 per palette!  Even the shimmers as a topper worked well.  


Also picked up the Elf putty bronzer.  I've been using and loving the Soleil Tan de Chanel.  But it's in a large tub ('ll be using it for years!) that is certainly not conducive to travel.  The lightest shade in the Elf bronzer was sold out, so I got the next shade up based on the assurance from the sales person at Ulta that it went on very sheer and it could be returned if I didn't like it.  Used it this morning and I like it.  It looks so much deeper in the pot but does go on sheer.  Doesn't look muddy either, sort of a golden sheen.  It was $5 compared to the Chanel at $50 (much bigger pot, however).  It's going in my travel bag after I try it out with a couple of the different foundations I use (more glowy or more matte),


I also got (yea, I know it was a haul, but I got a lot of stuff and the total was under $100 - that's ONE thing, two if you're lucky, at a Chanel, Dior or Lancome counter!) a package of those paper-like stick on nail colors to try.  I haven't done that yet, but will let you know how they work out.

@Sammijo10  - the Maybelline glowy primer/highlighter is on my list.  Will try it after I am done with the Milani Soft Focus Glow that I am trying right now.  I have seen the Essence palette in Taupe but didn't see the Icy Icy Blues.  I have blue eyes and grays are supposed to be good for blue eyes.  May have to take another look at these.  Have fun with all your new makeup!

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Re: Official August 2021 Drugstore/Inexpensive Beauty Thread

Thought I would jump in even though it's now SEP.  These items were bought in AUG.


Gold Bond Radiance Renewal body lotion.  I like this better than any of the more expensive brands like Josie Maran and FAB.  It's quite thick and difficult to get the last bit out once the pump no longer works.  I put a flip-top that I have saved from another product on it that fits and bang it against the sink top to get the product down and keep it stored upside down.  It's too thick to really go through the flip-top, so I just take that off and carefully squeeze to get what I need out.


St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash


A couple of Revlon Colorstay creme eyeshadows.  I have not been a fan of Revlon products in the past, so we'll see.  


A Sonia Kashuk duo contour brush #109; however, it's too large and fluffy for my purposes, maybe because I have a small face.  I may try cutting it down to see if it'll work for me.  You really can't tell much about them in the store the way they are packaged and the display is in such bad shape you also can't tell a lot about the brushes.

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Re: Official August 2021 Drugstore/Inexpensive Beauty Thread

@Sammijo10 I bought that Essence shadow palette in Taupe It Up and I love it!!!!  The pigmentation is unbelievable.  I used way too much the first time because I didn't think it would be that great.  I had read bad reviews about the shadows not being pigmented, not lasting and a lot of fall-out.  I did not have those issues at all.  I cannot believe these palettes are $4.00!

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Re: Official August 2021 Drugstore/Inexpensive Beauty Thread

I know, right?  @Lipstickdiva ?  I started slow with the pale grey in the icy icy blue palette and was very pleasantly surprised!  And I just touched one of the shimmers to the center of the lid and it's been fine all day and doesn't make my eyelids look older than they are!  I have hazel/gold/ greenish brown eyes and will use the blues sparingly as a little accent here or there with the taupes/greys, but so far, they are SO worth the $4.00.  I haven't noticed any fallout either!  

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Re: Official August 2021 Drugstore/Inexpensive Beauty Thread

Do we have a drugstore thread for October?  Anyway, I couldn't find it so I'll post here.  I just bought Maybelline Baby Skin makeup primer.  It got some good reviews, so I decided to try it.  

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Re: Official August 2021 Drugstore/Inexpensive Beauty Thread

I'll give a shout out for Maybelline's The Falsies mascara.  I've been trying a lot of different brands and this one is my favorite.  Another shout out to Batiste Volumizing Dry Shampoo which I bought at Ulta for $10 but I see they have it at Target for $6.50.