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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

I don't know what to say, Elektra, because I hear you on all counts....and patf, the line has been confusing to me also, for some time, as I've voiced in several posts over the past many months.

It's frustrating that a brand with so many good products can seemingly implode when it comes to organizing its product information.

But I think the absolute icing on the cake of Perricone Confusion is that a Perricone specialist who handles phone inquiries told you (Elektra) that "cold plasma is a waste of time."


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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

I agree with Electra, the use of multiple products, the order of application and the intended results are very confusing. I have seen a difference in my skin which has encouraged me to try new products, but what replaces what? Does the application of any products reduce the efficiency of another? The directions with the product does not match what Dana recommends on QVC. Which one is right? These products are not inexpensive and need to be clearly defined including application method and order. I expect professional service with these products.

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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

Electra thanks for posting your experience it must have been very frustrating for you.

DualCoasts I have read your posts and agree with you regarding the organization of it's product information.

I have not purchased a ""new"" Perricone product since the Cold Plasma was introduced. I will continue using my tried and true neuropeptide products that work for me.

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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

Im confused too, but then I've just started using his line. I read your posts, read reviews and blogs but goodness sakes there are SO many different moisturizers that seem to claim the same thing, addressing this or that issue. I don't know if they are targeted or just a daily use. If they are a treatment for long term benefits or maintaining. As a newbie its a little overwhelming!!!

I ordered the TSV that should arrive today so Im looking forward to seeing what/how my skin reacts. The only products I have used by PMD is his Deep Wrinkle Serum and NP firming moisturizer which I have to admit has made a huge difference in my skin. Been using EVERYTHING Philosophy for years but my skin has just stalled out and decided to make the move to PMD.

Thank you all for the informative posts...

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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

Elektra - I feel that the most reliable information about Cold Plasma Sub-D is by PerriconeMD. The information provided clearly states that Cold Plasma Sub-D addresses the "jawline, chin and neck." The information on the Cold Plasma SubD website states:

The Science of Cold Plasma
Cold Plasma Sub-D is a proven, effective, neck rejuvenation treatment formulated to provide a visibly firmer appearance to the chin, jawline and neck areas.

Designed by board-certified dermatologist and world-renowned healthy-aging expert, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Cold Plasma Sub-D utilizes powerful actives suspended in a revolutionary patented delivery system for maximum nutrient uptake.

Results you can expect to see:
1 Visibly tightening of the appearance of sagging, loose skin and improved appearance of double chin.
2 Visibly more crisp appearance of the chin and jawline, imparting an overall more youthful looking face.
3 Visibly improved appearance of lines and wrinkles on the neck and décolletage with noticeable improvement in overall skin texture.

I acquire information about PerriconeMD products in the following online locations:

1. has a page that will recommend a regimen, based on your primary complexion concern. You can access it be clicking right HERE

2. has a page with Dr. Perricone's Application Protocol that shows the order of application of his products. The protocol is available for download right HERE

3. I love the Perricone Blog!! You can search for any ingredient or product you are interested in. I just ran a search for RetinA on his blog and you can access the results of my search right HERE

Perricone Flagship locations are listed @ and the information posted clearly states that the NYC Flaghip is now closed. There used to be one California Flagship and now there are two.

My experience has taught me that it's best not to rely on any SA or CSR for important information about an item I'm interested in. They can only share what they devoted the time to learn about a product, and I certainly don't want to make a buying decision based on their often limited (and sometimes prejudiced) knowledge.

loa, I can share my personal experience with Cold Plasma Face. I used to battle redness. CPF totally resolved that issue for me, so in my case it is definitely not a waste of time in my skin care routine.
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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

The brand is messed up when it comes to product information and marketing communications. I used to be concerned that it would get sold off (rumored for a long time now) and the product quality might suffer. No more. Now I think the sooner it's wholly acquired the better.

I want to have confidence in a skincare company in which I invest what I consider very serious money on a regular basis. Simple as that.

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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

I love perricone, and that is almost all I use now.. However, I may have spectacular eesults because I don't follow the instructions always, LOL. I have found the QVC instructions online to be different than what is on the bottle. What is on the bottle can be different than what a cs agent tells you. I never watch the QVC demos, I buy online that is it. I go for the free shipping, I go to the store that mrrebates gives the largest rebate, or where I can get a deal. Simple as that.

The NPFC I use all over the face. I do pat and then lightly massage in, because when you pat it on (Like laMer) it delivers the product more even and sparingly. A tube of NPFC lasts me 6-7 months. I use it in the day, and once in a while at night.

I am 66, have very sensitive skin, pores that can enlarge. I have fair/med skin with faded freckles. If I use the wrong product, I get acne or clogged pores.

This is my routine that keeps my skin firm, clear and radiant

Nutritive cleanser (morning and night)

cold plasma (morning) apply 1st after cleansing

AFFA, I apply morning only, second product.. all over face

AG eye lid serum, morning and night

NPFC, on face morning only

sub D neck on neck, morning and night.

at night I alternate between High Potency evening repair and the condensed restorative cream.

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Re: OVM vs. Neuropeptide Facial Cream

I finally called Perricone CS to ask how I would incorporate OVM into my normal routine. She told me the product was mainly to plump up thinning skin. It did not replace anything in the line and could be used morning and/or night. She told me if I'm using the high potency amine face lift and the high potency evening repair, the OVM would go on first and then the two treatment products I normally use.

I've decided to pass on the OVM for now. Perricone still has the special on his website with the OVM and the photo plasma, in case anyone is interested.