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OT: wanted to share a great recipie (sweet & salty) yummy!

This is a amazing recipie, everyone loves it, the yummy sweet & salty

22 cups of popcorn (I use air popped popcorn)

1 bag of fritos (I use the regular sized, not the big ones)

1 package of white almond bark

Pop the popcorn, melt the almond bark in a glass dish in 45 sec- 1 minute stir and repeat until melted. Add popcorn and fritos in a huge bowl. Mix till all coted, I use 2 rubber spatulas, and gently toss. Lay out on waxed paper or foil until dry. Once it is dry, break apart and put in air tight bowl. ENJOY!! It will become a family favorite.

Would love to hear comments after you make it.