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OT, beware of

If you want nice flowers, alive flowers, pretty arrangements don't ever use

For a second time (he forgot I told him not to order from them) my poor husband ordered me flowers from this company. For a second time he was charged an outrageous price for dead and beat up flowers delivered in a green box with a cr*ppy cheap clear vase that I had to then cut and put the dead and cr*ppy flowers in the cr*ppy cheap vase. No greenery, no babies breath,nothing just dead flowers and a cheap glass vase. All this for $100. Beware of this company.

I sent them a scathing email because they are such a rip off. I just can't get over how bad their flowers are. It was one thing to have it happen once but this is now twice that their flowers were in the same condition.

Sorry I am just so upset at what they charged him for what they sent. I just have to rant.