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OT - My confrontation at Target

I was at Target yesterday and had just unloaded my cart. All of a sudden out of nowhere comes this young woman frantic asking me if she can go ahead of me. I was not thinking and said yes. She rambled some story about her daughter as an excuse. I was like standing there forever. She had over 50 some items like children's stickers, etc. Her bill was over $94. It was her self-serving attitude that got me. When she was getting ready to leave I said you may want to plan ahead next time. And, she said, I thought you were being nice to let me go ahead and I said, I was. Even the cashier was fed up with her as the casher told me she was running back and forth for her to hold items. Then when the woman was near the door she yelled something at me and I yelled back "Get Lost." It actually was rude of the woman to even ask me to go ahead as she had so many small items in her basket. I mean, it was beyond ridiculous.

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