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...and you lost your sense of taste, how long did it take you to get it back?  I was diagnosed on Jan 20.  Loss of smell and taste was my first clue I had Covid.  I can smell but I can only taste the very first bite and then nothing Smiley Sad  

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@monicakm, I haven't had Covid, but I know many RNs including my daughter and several friends who have. My daughter is a supervisor in a 250-bed hospital.


The average time for several of the nurses was two weeks. A couple of them waited 8 weeks, some had everything back in a few days. My daughter had her sense of taste back in 5 weeks, smell took 6. The two senses may or may not return at the same time. 

Most of my friends had everything back in two weeks or less. I hope yours come back sooner than later! 

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@monicakmHope you get better soon.  I was sick for a long time, but never lost smell or taste that I could tell.  (I did have nausea and had other problems, like I could barely stay awake.). I think the symptoms really vary.

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I had covid. I wasn't very sick but the sense of smell and taste was the worst symptom for me. It was aprox 1 month before I got taste back completely. Good luck

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I had covid in November (got the results on my birthday - happy birthday to me! - haha). Anyway, I had very mild symptoms, but lost my sense of smell.  It's coming back, but very gradually.  There are still certain smells I can't detect.  I believe my sense of taste has fully returned.  

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@Ruby Laine 


Having no sense of taste if keeping me from eating Smiley Happy  I've been out to eat twice since COVID and am perfectly content to just have one bite (I can taste the very first bite) of my husband's dinner and think of all the carbs and calories I'm not ingesting Smiley Happy  

No nutrition police please!  I know it's not the right thing to do.  I'm sure as soon as I get my taste back I'll start eating again.  Funny thing is that I keep forgetting I can't taste anything.  I'll get out all the ingredients to make a sandwich, make it and throw my hands up and say "what am I doing?  I can't even taste the stupid thing!" LOL  Oh well, this too shall pass.  Just hope it passes before my birthday in mid March.  My daughter is a baker.  Here is the cake she made me a couple of years ago.  The only thing not hand made are the pearls



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The cake is stunning!  What flavors?

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Thanks!  I don't recall the "cake" flavor but the filling was raspberry.

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@monicakm , I've not had Covid but my good friend's daughter did.  She had it last July and her only symptoms were loss of taste and smell.  She still doesn't have either of them back fully. She said everything has an odd/rank smell to it and everything tastes off, almost bad. 

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I had Covid. And besides a runny nose the only other symptom that I had was EVERYTHING tasted bad. I did not lose my sense of taste. But it was certainly altered and not in a good way.


We had a bought a Carmel, Walnut Apple pie before we were tested for the Covid virus, from a local bakery. Believe it or not, I could not finish eating the pie. It so bad. HUH? WHAT? It was always a family favorite.


This lasted maybe two days. And then my nose stopped dripping and eating was a pleasure again.