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O/T just had to share my news.....

We adopted 2 shelter kitties on Sun!

5-6 mo. old brothers we named Bo and Luke. (an orange tabby and solid black) The whole family is so excited. I just had to share my good news with everyone. (It is time to patch the hole left from Sadie's passing last year.)

We tried keeping them in the bathroom for adjustement. But 4 hours after we had them, they wanted out, dog on the other side or not. (Max-sheepdog/poodle 65lb mix) Luke doesn't care where Max is, and Bo just doesn't want him standing face to face. (I think Bo is threatened by his size, he is fine face to face if Max is laying down.) But all 3 sleep on my bed together.

But, I am exhausted. Not because the kitties are keeping me up. The twins are. They push for a few extra minutes at bedtime, and have gotten up at 5:30 every morning. (we usually get up at 7:30 to 8.) I open my eyes to spy two 7 yr olds, putting kitties in my face, "here mommy, they want to play with you too". Then the girls proceed to give me status updates on who did what in the littler box all morning until we leave for school.

Oh, I need a cat nap.

ps. I would include a picture, but I don't know how.