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I'm an avid fan of the show as it is one of my guilty pleasures. I agree with most of the things that have been out there about JuanPablo. He was definitely evasive about his feelings and seemed more intent on making out more than anything else. A shallow guy, probably. And whatever he said to Clare on the helicopter was undoubtedly rude. But I did not like the way host Chris Harrison kept slamming him for not saying I love you to Nikki. She said she was happy and I think he really embarrassed her by refusing to give up on making JuanPablo say I love you. It's not up to the host to force anyone on the show to say things they aren't ready to say or don't mean. They made a poor choice in selecting him as this season's Bachelor but they can't force him to be someone he is not just for the ratings. I always felt no matter who he picked it would not last long. He just didn't seem like that kind of guy. Onto The Bachelorette, good luck to Andi!

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BTW, I still don't understand why Clare stuck around for the "fairytale" she wanted if she had been so offended by his rudeness. If I felt that insulted I would have told JuanPablo "I'm getting back on the helicopter and you can swim back to your hotel!"

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I think Clare so wanted to believe he was a stand up guy. After he made the comments about her having a child with him within a year and a few months was so wrong. Who does that? What a jerk. No wonder she thought he was going to choose her.

I initially thought he was a good pick for the show and ended up disappointed in what he turned out to be. It kept getting worse each week.


Ps. For Nikki to stay with him after Clare stated what he said (it was bleeped out but you knew exactly what was said), she is nuts.

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I totally agree, virgosun. I never watch this show anymore, but happened on it last night so watched some. The host was very annoying, trying to force Juan to say those words, and I applaud Juan for holding his ground for whatever reason. I sure would like to know what he said to Claire.

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Yes, I did not understand why Clare stuck around if she was offended. Nikki seems naïve & has not dated very much. Juan is not that great to begin with personality wise & looks. I agree that he was more interested in making out with all these women than finding a wife.

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Only good thing I could see about him was that he seems very dedicated to his little girl.

Really wasn't even all that attractive, and obviously a player.

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I didn't watch this season, but have been catching bits and pieces of it in the media. This guy sounds like a piece of work and I don't think I could've stomached watching his shenanigans and the idiot women putting up with him. Kudos to those who quit the show early. I have always enjoyed Chris Harrison, but he's like any other newscaster who thinks he has a story - pushing it to the limits to see what he can get out of it.

Yet...we continue to watch... !

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I caught more of this season than I have since the start of the series. Just happened to land on the channel while clicking the remote a few times and figured what the heck.

My gut told me Pablo would keep Claire around until the end (maybe because he and she had culminated the relationship so early in the show which was strange) but then thought he'd pick Nikki. After the date when Nikki met his daughter and some other family, I felt like she was going to be the last one standing.

I don't think either one of them got a catch nor do I think they will last very long. She is not the sharpest (nor is he, it seems) but I don't think the feelings are really there on his part. So likely we will see another Bachelor couple bite the dust. Odds are against them anyway.

I think the stats of lasting relationships have come almost all from the Bachelorette shows which is kind of impressive. Probably for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that the women don't view it as their opportunity to make out with a whole bunch of guys for awhile. That drives men but women who finally do agree to be a Bachelorette, I think really do take it as a serious opportunity to hopefully find a true mate. And a few of them have!

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He's a total player. The smart girls caught on immediately. He is TOTALLY self absorbed! I think he picked Nikki because her family is well off. He wants fame, women and money! He only wanted one thing from Clare, but I fault her for giving it up so early in the season. Disgusting!
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I was very disappointed the show chose him as the Bachelor. I didn't like him at all on the Bachelorette. What were they thinking? As far as Chris' badgering him to say I love you, while he could have layed off the "I love you" badgering, he had every right to try to get him open up and talk. What kind of contracts do they have for these people??? When you sign on with the show don't you have an obligation to fulfill you job description??? If so, what right does JP have to say it is private and we will not be discussing it???? Ridiculous. And when Nikki said "If he didn't have feeling for me he would not be here" I laughed out loud because no doubt he had to agree to show up for the finally when he agreed to be on the show!!! I feel like his behavior last night was a way to stick it to the producers of the show that according to the media was completely fed up with his arrogance. Joke is on you JP!!! You made a fool of yourself.